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Beyond the Marathon
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Q. “Dear Mad Dog Mike: Is ultra-running good for you? I mean, eegads, 50 or a hundred miles! Zack”
A. “I don’t run them because they’re good for me, I run them because I love them.  You know, the same reason I drink Guinness Stout!”

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50 Kilometers: Ultras begin with the 50k (31 mile) distance, which usually requires no additional training beyond what you would practice in preparation for a marathon (42k / 26.2 miles).

Run/Walk: While the 50k doesn’t require specific training changes, it may require a change in running pattern...a pattern that combines moderate periods of running, with short walking breaks.

It’s very important, if you use this run/walk system, you do not wait until you are tired before you start walking - by then it’s too late.

I suggest you begin your first ultra with about five miles of continuous running (to warm up), then switch to a run/walk pattern. You might try 4 minutes of running and one minute of brisk walking to start.

Later in the race, if you feel yourself getting overly tired, you could switch the pattern to 3 and 1 or even 2 and 1. Whatever the length of the running periods, it’s fairly important to keep the walks to no more than one minute each - any longer, and you will begin to stiffen-up, and lose your psychological momentum.

50 Miles (and beyond): Ultras of fifty miles or longer, require more arduous training than the marathon or the 50k.

When I was preparing for the Laurel Highlands Trail Mountain Challenge, my weekend long training runs stretched to over five hours.  In addition, I performed myriad (non-running) exercises, and wore both ankle weights and wrist weights, and sometimes a weighted backpack throughout the day - every waking minute was a type of conditioning.

Quite beyond the physical exercises (and every bit as important), I spent months “psyching-up,” and developing mental images of invulnerability.

If you would like to prepare for an ultra, and make yourself “bullet proof,” send me your question by e-mail, and I’ll come to the rescue.

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