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about Schreiber, his writing, training methods and attitude?

ASICS/TIGER: “From the beginner to the marathoner, the best training program any runner could have.”

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WOMEN’S SPORTS Magazine: “The most thorough work I’ve read on marathon training and running. This is the book I’d suggest over anything else.


HOUSTON POST: “Schreiber’s magic elixir cure-all.”


HOUSTON CHRONICLE“Schreiber, the Ann Landers of the sports world.” “He’s running for his life and winning the race.”


Ron Tabb (winner of the Houston, New Orleans and Paris Marathons): “(Schreiber’s book) will help any novice marathoner and can be beneficial to even the most accomplished marathon runner.”


Bob Coffman (US, Pan American, International Decathlon Champion and former World Record Holder in the Pentathlon): “Excellent...The Perfect Marathon is a must!”


Bill Collins (four-time World Record Holder, Track and Field): “The Perfect Marathon has something for everyone.”


Stanley Floyd (World Record Holder, Track and Field ): Mike, the incredible author of The Perfect Marathon.”


Rod Milburn (Olympic Gold Medal Winner): “The Perfect Marathon will help you train without pain.”


BOOKLIST: “Loaded with common sense, humor and a playfulness often missing in similar works.


Los Angeles Times: “Painless...full of practical advice.”


MUSCLE TRAINING Illustrated Magazine: “Schreiber is irreverent, outspoken, sometimes funny, sometimes serious - his routines get results with a minimum of pain..”


RUNNING MAGAZINE (England): “...thoroughly recommended...Schreiber guides the novice through all the traps and temptations to which most of us succumb. The gradual increase in distance, the alternating of long and sort distances, the introduction of weight training and speed work are all handled in a way which is thorough...a very enjoyable book.”




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