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Running  with a vengeance!
Training to Run
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105 times around the track =
a marathon

Q. “Dear Mad Dog: How difficult, really, is it to run a marathon? Joe”
A. “Joe, the preparation is far tougher than the race itself. If you train well, and
pace correctly, running a marathon is a joy, and you won’t even notice “the wall.”

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Q. “Dear Dr. Mike, what do you really charge for answering training questions? Jill”
A. “Dear Jill, my answers are free for nutt’n. Mike”

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Q. “Okay then, what do you charge for? Jill”
A. Dear Jill, for personal, monitored online coaching, there is a fee - but individual questions are always answered free. Mad Dog”

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Overwhelming: For most people, the mere thought of a marathon is overwhelming.  Well it’s true - the marathon, 26 miles, 385 yards / 42.26 kilometers is an awesome distance. You have to approach it with caution.

Sneak up on it: To rush into a marathon, head-on, is to court disaster.  You have to sidle up to it.

Bit by bit you extend the length of your training runs, training weeks and training races.

When I finished my first five miler, I looked and felt like death warmed over. How could I possibly run five and a half of those races, back to back, without stopping? The simple answer was I couldn’t!  But I could (and did) run a 10K (6.2 miles).

Soon I was running 10Ks once or twice a month - in fact every time I could find one a reasonable distance from home.  They became an integral part of my training schedule, and pretty much took the place of most “speed” work.

Eventually I found a ten miler in Crowley, Louisiana, that offered a big bag of fresh crayfish to all finishers. I drove up there with two friends, who didn’t like seafood - I got their bags of crayfish as well.

What with the excitement of the festival, the enthusiasm of the crowd, and the stimulation of a completely new course, the ten miles was a breeze. I was on my way.

Some months later, I returned to the same location to run my first Big M: The Rice Festival Marathon, from Lafayette to Crowley, Louisiana...flat except for a highway overpass near the 18 mile mark, high 80 degree temperatures, and a 1/4 mile finish lane lined with barbecue pits spewing smoke.

I downed two liters of iced coke just that side of the finish line.  Tough?  You bet, and I returned the next year to run it again.

I’ve run a lot of marathons since that day: Houston, Galveston, Boston, Woodlands, Dallas, Texas A and M (1st Place Age), San Antonio, Gran Maraton Pacifico, Maraton Independencia, and others - some as many as a dozen times each.

After the first four in a row, they ceased to be a struggle and become just great fun!

If you’d like to run your first marathon, or perhaps run subsequent marathons easier, faster, on less training; avoid “the wall,” and have more fun too, I’m here to help you pave the way.

There actually are ways to “fool your body,” and get more benefit from less training.  Let The Mad Dog be your coach, and the secrets are yours.

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