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Meet The Mad Dog in person at the
San Antonio, Texas Marathon, Nov. 8 & 9, 2003

San Antonio Marathon



I asked Santa for a GPS Time and Distance watch.  I’d been a good little boy, so Santa had his elves from my hometown (Greg and Al, Cleveland, Ohio) packed and shipped it to me.  I was so thrilled - a great new toy to train with...and the lowest price!

Timex Central (Training Tools for Runners)



  Atletismo en Mexico                    

When I need information on a race anywhere in Mexico, all I have to do is check with my friend Dr. Marco, and *bingo*



Sufficient running info to keep you intrigued from now til...




If you shop at Cartier or Tiffany’s, drive a slick sports car, and vacation on the Riviera, you may be in the market for the “Ultimate Treadmill.”

It offers near zero (zilch, nada) impact, and adjusts from 0% to a phenomenal 20% - perfect for the most strenuous hill training.

Orbiter Treadmill




This magazine/site is a fun, but no nonsense resource for running of my favorites!



Taking a trip? Yes! Then be sure to take along your training flats. This site will point out where to run almost anywhere on the globe.



Official Publication Masters: T&F, Long Distance Running, Race Walking.



HSR - a super-duper site for finding stuff to do (running-wise) around the world.




Valuable to parents as well as children, and just as much fun as the logo would indicate.



Chock full o’running, biking and triathlon information.

  Runner’s Web



  Really cooooool!

Rich source of running, racing and sports training information.



Race calendar, race results, news and commentary.



 Feisty runner’s message board - don’t miss it!

Great site, active message board.



Canada is a beautiful, wonderful place to run, hike, live in or dream about...just watch out for the meece (moose, mooses?).



Betty and Joe Weider have created the most comprehensive line of fitness publications imaginable, and I’ve used their strength-building equipment  years.  This is Betty’s personal page.




 Running in old Mexico

Hablas Espanol?  Si! Vamanos! Want to know about the running scene in ol’Mexico? Visit this great site and find out.



Find out ABOUT Running Coaching and Camps

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Find out ABOUT Physical Training and Running

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It’s more fun: take the baby on your run

Jogging Stroller



The title says it all. Want to beat the crowd or beat your PR: this site has gadgets, equipment and info to help you suceed.

Competitive Runner



A gazillion great links to walking, jogging, running and marathoning sites

Knowledge Hound



Sports Science for athletes and coaches


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