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Pain-free training for: Beginners to 10k, Marathon, Ultras, Trails, and Weight-Training for Runners.
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Dr. (Mad Dog Mike) Schreiber has given seminars at Boston,
The New York Marathon, and
The Houston Marathon.
Most recently Mad Dog was the guest speaker at
The San Antonio, Texas Marathon, and gave three seminars.

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Who is Michael Schreiber, and
why the heck should I listen to him?

He is the former...

Editorial Consultant on Endurance Training for Weider’s “Sports Fitness,” and “Men’s Fitness” magazines.

Asst. Professor, Biomedical Communications, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.

Vice-president, Super Nautilus Sports Training Centers of Houston.

Author of scores of articles on all phases of running, endurance, strength training, aerobic conditioning, and weight loss.

Author of the best selling books:
Training to Run the Perfect Marathon
The Art of Running
Die Kunst des Laufens

Schreiber competes at the following distances: 5K, 10K, 10 miles, Marathon, 50K, 71 mile Mountain Trail, 450 mile Trans-Indiana.

ASICS/TIGER says: “From the beginner to the marathoner, the best training program any runner could have.”

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Q. “Dear Dr. Mad Dog Mike: What is the single most important ingredient in a successful running program? Ken”
A. “Consistency - make a schedule, and stick to it!”


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Pacing/Splits in Miles

Marathon pacing for training and racing

Pacing/Splits in Kms

Pace correctly and avoid “the wall”

Maximal Treadmill Stress Test

Find your true maximum heart rate


Run further, on less training and fewer miles. (it’s true, it’s true).


Yes, there is life beyond the marathon.


Lions and tigers and bears, oh my.

STRETCHING ’N WEIGHT TRAINING......................

Total body conditioning: feel’n great, look’n gooood!


What THEY say about Schreiber, his training methods, writings and attitude.


Ribbons, patches, trophies, t-shirts, old ASICS Tiger training flats and stuff like that.

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The material on this website is one man’s opinion only.  Before beginning any new fitness or nutrition program, consult with your doctor. Then, the decision to continue, or not, is your responsibility alone.

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